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TECSUN DSP Series PL-300WT use radio experience radio Reviews

Just take the afternoon of April 24, TECSUN newly launched digital tuning machine PL-300WT (serial number: 34920090400131), open the package, took out PL-300WT, my ​​first impression is very small and very small, to take in hands feel very buoyant, 204G weight equivalent pocket machine, people reall More →

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Tecsun PL-300WT high sensitivity wide-band stereo radio with digital experience radio Reviews

1. Excellent work. Die well, impeccable. I chose a black, brushed some sense, it seems very comfortable.
2 simple manipulation. Time to attend to read the instructions first, try with a little, all functions can be easily achieved, the key layout is reasonable (Save button, start button if the time m More →

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Tecsun PL300WT and grundig G6, grundig G3 focus on receiver performance comparison radio Reviews

FM: initial introduction, PL300WT and G3 are used SI47xx family of DSP chips, PL300WT DSP chip with short-wave, while the G3 chip, the DSP only the FM band, G6 7358 +8132 is used in traditional analog chips.

DSP on the selective choice, PL300WT the same effect with the G3. For example, in local ra More →

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PL300WT-Tecsun radio Reviews radio Reviews

PL300WT hand, immediately conducted a trial into three R6 batteries, press the power button, B to a sound, the radio worked, the display sends an orange light, very smart. To switch to FM, try to listen to a few FM stations in Hangzhou, I can only say that it probably has great expectations, t More →

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Talk Tecsun PL300wt radio Radio Reviews

When you open the package first impression is compact, ideal for portable, reasonably simple button layout. Open the front cover showing the world clock knob and four function keys, feel and exquisite. Screen light evenly warm, multi-function display screen there is still time, temperature, noise an More →

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D96L and PL300WT simple comparison + HF PK war Reviews

D96L hand, feels more engaging than the picture, because the reasons for using lithium in his hand than PL300wt lighter, although slightly larger dimensions than PL300WT. The front panel has the feeling of metal, solid feel good, after the panel is using the same material with PL300WT. Overall work More →

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