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Early taste of the 1970s boutique Radio Sony ICF-5800,Radio Review

- Early products, the 1970s boutique Radio Sony ICF-5800
  I first met the ICF-5800 radio enthusiasts Association in March this year, altar Friends of the Pudong Zhang bring his beloved artifact, at first glance, the black and white, because all kinds of BCL models often seen in various forums, More →

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I bought two Sony’s machine SRF-S83 and SRF-S53 ,Radio Reviews

Would also have to buy an Aiwa LA60, unfortunately can not find the goods on the Internet, and now bought a Sony S53 and S83, 53 own use, is to help my colleagues to buy the 83′s. In the box is not sealed off before the inside through the plastic film packaging and pictures online looked like More →

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SONY Radio ICF-PRO80 strange use Record Radio Reviews

ICF-PRO80 form like radio, I was just out of curiosity from the flea market to buy it. This model is the PRO Series (ICF-PRO60/PRO70/PRO80) the latest model, but 88 years since the launch of a year is not produced. Since this machine is a SONY professional models, little information online, even SON More →

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For SONY ICF-SW7600GR satisfied with the synchronous detection function ,Radio,Reviews

May 30, purchased 7600GR one. After several days of use, point to talk about their own feelings.
      I am not a radio enthusiasts, not professionals, just love. Junior high school from a single control unit has been fitted to the seven super-heterodyne, perhaps a complex More →

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Sony XDR-S3HD Radio Reviews

Sony seems to really focus on high-definition radio, cherry XDR-S3HD radio that we have got. As the upgrade from FM to HD, two three inches from the sound unit in the voice came clearly not a grade. With the sound can see on the display song information, audio tracks, singers and so on.

With othe More →

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Neglected a strong voice! Than S83, Relatively S53 Sony pocket radio SRF-39

This radio has a big cigarette case, the two-band FM (stereo) / AM, using a 5 cell, extremely energy-efficient.
Audio performance remarkable, FM stereo effect is very obvious, very little background noise, high resolution, Naiting warm and thick sound, the style is very old machine, analog flavor. AM More →

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GE SuperRadio III Medium-wave king of that experience to use radio Reviews

I can say on a complex medium wave receiver, a child at home can only receive AM radio station, slightly “upscale” 2-band radio can listen to short wave machine. . . . . . . In order to receive the AM signal remote had to spend several hundred dollars had bought several pairs of medium-wave antenna, More →

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Comment on Sony Retro Radio SONY ICF-F10 ,radio Reviews

Has been a SONY ICF-F10 retro radio, I feel good.

Local benefits:
1. Excellent sound quality: 9.2cm speaker, impeccable sound – solid bass, clear treble. The machine is only a nominal output power 300mW, but feeling better than nominal 1.2W Philips AE-2160 sound also loud! In 70% of the maximum vo More →

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SONY ICF-SW7600GR record details ,radio Reviews



















Formation of the back of the design, and high mountain, mountain more than the German design philosophy of life compared to the back, no doubt even more successful. But More →

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SRF-M75, SRF-M35, SRF-39 simple evaluation Radio Reviews

First talk about the SRF-M75, this machine is beautiful boot after power frequency, need to manually change the frequency. Press the band key + scan button, 6 seconds, 6 seconds after the AM to 9KHZ, FM to 0.05 step. Suitable for use in Asia.

In addition to FM, AM reception, as well as heart rate More →

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