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TECSUN PL600 with the Sony ICF-SW7600GR FM receiver comparison radio Reviews

Finally received the Sony ICF-SW7600GR Radio Four days later to find time this afternoon and I have bought 7 months Tecsun PL600 radio to do something I look forward to a PK.

I was nearly 20 minutes after the 14:20 arrival. The backpack to find a seat down. Machine to take out the two machin More →

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Radio King SONY CRF-230B (THE KING OF THE RADIO) radio Reviews

SONY CRF-230 produced in 1970,23 bands. SONY was advertising slogan is THE KING OF THE RADIO (meaning the king of radio) is the world’s first dual conversion shortwave radio with SSB, up to now in the simulator in the world’s second largest, weighing 15 kg, 30 kg . But this machine is very rare in d More →

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DX king-feel SONY ICF-2001D radio Reviews

I remember the first time I saw 2001D in 2003, nearly 70 keys covered the entire panel of the machine, angular lines, and both reveal the professional, the professional is the 2001D to my first impression. At that time the understanding of the 2001D is not much, just know that this is a product rele More →

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Pocket machine: kestrel W62, Sony M95, Sangean DT120c Reviews

Guang Tan 9 Anniversary Edition ordinary small machine kestrel W62 trial version has a 1-week, and had used the machine inadvertently been compared with the same volume. For everyone concerned about quality, I would like to use my experience for using the same headphones, listen to the same frequenc More →

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Sanyo ultra-small digital 3-band radio with speaker Reviews

Has been like small machines, including small radios, umpc, ppc, palm and other small things, small to large to buy a lot, in the Amazon a few days ago to see a small machine Sanyo, model is rp-d201, I take a ruler according to the amount of its size, the feel is very small, and the r101 and German More →

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SONY ICF-SW07 Radio Reviews

I have the ability to pay at the time, most want is SW07, but it had been discontinued two years ago, only a small amount of inventory in Japan, the domestic market is not as much in stock a few years ago, fortunately Today has been quite well-developed shopping Taobao, Taobao sellers have provided More →

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Kestrel W62DSP Radio Reviews

Let me Advantages: feels good, large screen, clear display, automatic search, time / time off.
Put Sennheiser PX100 headphones, turn, and immediately felt a little too bass (Bass has been closed), treble okay, relatively thin, relatively speaking voice, not very comfortable. Noise floor is still ther More →

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SONY ICF-EX5 Machine Review

Since the king has a Panasonic AM NATIONAL RF-U80, the more want to have a SONY ICF-EX5 (SONY Polish king). Read a few heroes of the machine before the assessment, have some understanding, especially the difficulties in traveling brothers article touched me greatly. Then find the relevant informatio More →

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1106FM comparison test

Compare models: 1102, Sanyo Internet Radio, 1106. One Sanyo Internet Radio with FM, DSP chips with RDS function.

First, the appearance

Black appearance is quite stable. The original big enough for 1102, 1106 than 1102 is also a large circle. Can feel like 1102 will also focus on some, although more More →

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