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Tecsun S2000 first impressions ,radio Reviews

Already very familiar with the appearance, first listening to FM, feeling sound quality, Taiwan and other machines receive as much. AM station to accept a good strong, magnetic obvious, weak magnetic bar connected to the AN100 Taiwan to improve significantly. Listen to 13,149 SSB effect is stronger More →

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Evaluation TECSUN S-2000 ,radio Reviews

Evaluation of a radio, not just from the receiver to evaluate the sensitivity, good or bad addition to the sensitivity of the radio, as well as selectivity, signal to noise ratio, audio quality, maneuverability, stability, novelty, and many other aspects.

Two or three years, many manufacturers of no More →

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TECSUN S2000 Radio Reviews ,radio Reviews

I also have sets of machines placed S2000 project is Taizhou Ming from over there. After listening to more than a month, has long wanted to write something also considered worthy of the time of the audition.

    First note, I’m just a pseudo-radio enthusiasts, although previously do More →

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After using some of the ideas TECSUN S2000 ,radio Reviews

First, the appearance can, in particular, transfer into a metal button and after the Shuttle looks very good. Only the big shuttle assembly may be very good, it may not make a film with a finger recess Cao can not withstand 360 degree rotation, not smooth, sometimes encounter strong resistance, ther More →

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Use my experience Tecsun S2000 radio Reviews

After a period of use, I feel this machine in terms of handling or receiving performance, are very excellent.

The S2000′s user interface and close to 600, and 600 should be developed simultaneously, much better than the 550, and many function keys and separate settings, easier to use. Such as the More →

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Tecsun S2000 machine evaluation – appearance and power radio Reviews

Get our hands on, discovery is also easy to use than the PL600, increasing the gain attenuation, medium-wave ring can be rotated, more importantly, increase the air band, ah, like a high-end machine.
The benefits of the technology is not to say, basically hand, you will love it. Here my personal More →

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DE1103, PL600, DE1122, S2000 comparison Reviews

Machine number DE0379, the rest of the machine are the same with everyone. That started before the machine on a handy pre-publicity photos:

From the sensitivity of speaking, FM, medium wave, short wave sensitivity and DE1103, PL600 something between that gap can be ignored.

From the stability per More →

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