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For SONY ICF-SW7600GR satisfied with the synchronous detection function ,Radio,Reviews

May 30, purchased 7600GR one. After several days of use, point to talk about their own feelings.
      I am not a radio enthusiasts, not professionals, just love. Junior high school from a single control unit has been fitted to the seven super-heterodyne, perhaps a complex More →

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The eyes of foreign customers and foreign models Tecsun Competition ,Radio Reviews




Just compare the Kaito WRX911 and Tecsun PL-200. To make the results more interesting, I decided these two types of radios and other small portable radios cheap compared Tecsun R-9700DX and Sangean SG-622/Radio Shack DX-397. I have the Sony 2010 as a reference to compare the More →

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Kchibo DSP-D92L use of wide-band radio experience ,Radio Reviews

Kairon’s DSP technology can be said that with each passing day, a flash, DSP radio less than a year after another, from the second half of last year to now successfully launched two new FM / AM two band radio (D90L, D91L) and two wide-band radio (D39L and D48L). And actively listen to the views of More →

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I TECSUN PL-350 machine evaluation Radio Reviews

PL350 has been with me now, my most frequently used in 2005 to the radio. Although during the sale of drugs is still hard, from morning to night, but still he found I like to use PL350 program.

Reception on the radio, I think I need to mention where in machine evaluation, and we all know what it More →

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I GLODYIP RA908 machine assessment (with teardown map) ,Radio Reviews

Understanding GLODYIP tape recorders from its beginning, although I never used it in tape recorders and consistent silver-white, looking at whether it is work or appearance, not really good, is not really bad.

Go to the mall to see a radio play, remove the machine TECSUN and DEGEN yard, read it t More →

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My father Review of Tecsun R9702 machine ,Radio Reviews

I gave my father the R912, it probably took two years, band switch not working, “cut not move”. Antenna head did not, well pull the antenna.

So I go to the mall to find a radio for his father. Originally intended to buy PL-350′s father, the father can not even see the cell phone text messages, More →

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Kchibo DSP experience using wide-band radio D92L Radio Reviews

First, on the appearance of
For the appearance of the different fans have different feelings, I first saw the D92′s image machine feel virtuous shadow of Health and R-305, after receiving in-kind in the hand have a kind of KK-S500 condensed version of the idea. Overall, very engaging, in-kind look More →

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Full three-dimensional multi-angle taste Kchibo Di fast Reddy D48L ,Radio Reviews

See this machine had a first impression is graceful lines, soft edges and gentle and delicate D48L arc very in tune, if made ​​of angular This machine is too masculine words (such as D39L). Material is also very particular about the choice of materials, not just get our hands when the pungent smel More →

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Sony XDR-S3HD Radio Reviews

Sony seems to really focus on high-definition radio, cherry XDR-S3HD radio that we have got. As the upgrade from FM to HD, two three inches from the sound unit in the voice came clearly not a grade. With the sound can see on the display song information, audio tracks, singers and so on.

With othe More →

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The first time the new machine using kchibo DSP D92L ,Radio Reviews

The day before yesterday afternoon received Kchibo  new machine D92L! This is from Kchibo  DSP series machine! First direct frequency input, the machine with a Shuttle! Hurry! First to write a little,

Actually listen to the contrast

There used Kchibo D48L on my Nokia 3250 phone as More →

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