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Degen DE1107 pointer test high sensitivity wide-band radio unit assessment

Introduction: the major radio manufacturers are targeting a number of transfer machine market, Degen launched 1107! This, too, opened the first of its kind! Degen Degen 1107 is only a pointer amateur radio test, is currently the only energy and Desheng 9700DX can compare the radio, although the 1107 More →

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PL-350 German students feel

1. Packaging. That cardboard box material more times. Bad weather on the weak. In fact, just a packing box. Should be part of the machine. Buy now listen to the radio much. Collection of many. Box strong point, resistance to the old. Product is also sold as the better ah! !

2. Accessories:
Headset: d More →

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TECSUN PL200 digital tuning radio unit assessment

Introduction: Tecsun is China’s first radio production company in the radio industry has a certain prestige! PL7X7 R97XX has launched a series of radio, this unit assessment will brief you on a portable test PL series of radio — PL200. Tecsun PL200 also soon launch a radio for some time, PL200 las More →

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Degen DE1107 Machine Review

DE1107 (7 fans) is DEGEN latest products, high-end enthusiasts series DEGEN radio series, emphasizing the receiver performance and fun to use. Starting from the first generation of DE1101, fans series has been broadcast enthusiasts recognition and support, especially DE1103 more innovative use int More →

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TECSUN HAM2000 use experience

TESUN HAM2000 receive the second night (random data, interference)

Just finished eating will open HAM2000, transferred to 9845, interference, change to 11785, well, you can hear the. Look my HAM2000, is the product in July 2004, No. HAM070400997, random manual is in English, with a HAM2000 dedicat More →

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Redsun RF21000 preliminary report using radio

Time is like water, I went to the Forum has for many years, in the years I have slowly grown widely altar, and the pursuit and appreciation of the level of radio is gradually increased, from blind to the rational purchase treatment, through a process. Radio for the general public is a kind of ent More →

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Initial experience using the Redsun RP2100

Redsun was in the jars, the brand seems to come up two or three months, put the forum was turned upside down payment, it really peaceful. The launch of the product does in a way to attract the attention of most fans, a closer look or the idea of ​​forcing yourself to buy this machine.
RP2100 can say More →

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New Radio – panopus R66W

A few days ago purchased R97T

Picture: R97T

Impression is very good, followed the same approach with the purchase of the R66W. This time starting from Shenzhen shwx hands, the way to go to Shanghai for two days before, but I am satisfied with the delivery company, and their couriers polite.
In ad More →

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S700 on the use of advanced radio experience

Grundig Satellite 700 on the use of advanced radio experience
First introduce myself, I have engaged in economic work, electronics do not know much like listening to the radio, is a standard radio enthusiasts, to long-time forum we see more, write less, with radio few have advanced radio sony icf-sw7 More →

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General version of the 8718A and mahjong version 8718A/MFP Competition

Said to be two machines, in fact, that is, 8718A and 8718A/MFP
MFP word is translated into Chinese tiles, the Americans could not hear clearly, MJP wrote the MFP.
Contrast a bit, with the antenna splitter, speaker headphone plug to unplug a, heard of any difference, of course, the result?
A seems to More →

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