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Radio use the experience

I was a radio enthusiast. Youth with a radio and forged bond. 50 years later, were not disclosed. The reason is that it can bring a lot of convenience and pleasure. Time span, I used to close

Many types of radios. In particular, a decade ago after quitting smoking to buy into the radio, they sudde More →

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My the Tecsun the PL-660 use the experience,Radio Review

The PL660 market is indeed gratifying.

I already have by Tecsun S2000, PL600, PL550, PL757A, there are 1106, did not want to buy PL660, decided to direct such as S2000 upgraded version out or take a look, before the end of the promotional period to start. But ultimately can not withstand the tempt More →

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Degen DE1128, the, intelligent all-around king (portable multi-function digital answer read included putting acoustics),Radio Review

DE1128′s strength, the world’s first, beyond traditional, digital, electronic three fields, for the first time realize digital electronic system integration technology big breakthrough, such as a global industry collection expo eight top function, the band digital radio, MP3, recording, answer read, More →

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Degen DE1103 ultimate motorized machine experiment,Radio Review

The idea of ​​writing this article, shortly after my first commentaries published the next few months, has been modified. This time a lot of radio scanning site users to buy the radio, and started a lively discussion at the forum. At the same time, I have received many DE1103 user’s letter as well a More →

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Degen DE1126 trial experience of half an hour,Radio Review

1, Degen intentions can be seen in the strengthening of some of the details to do this machine, the battery cover, the support frame.

2, within recorded better than the Sangean PR-d8, a lot worse, although the mountain into MP3 A recording format, of course, the of DE1126 less than $ 300 price and More →

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The Tecsun the PL-660 to listen to the performance report,Radio Review

The Tecsun the PL-660 radio’s serial number: 39620101100514.

Due to time constraints; and Tecsun S2000 only compare a deep impression to me is the short-wave; when you listen to two radio AM broadband to listen around 14:30 listen 15170 China Radio International program. In the attenuation of the More →

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Talk about the design of Jidian R801 matching speakers

Debugging jidian R801 speaker still in the design, the use of the holidays, here to talk about some design considerations supporting the speaker of the Jidian R801. Jidian R801 Series Desktop Radio users on this altar, nearly 300 people (including 801-3D, and R803), is not a small group. 801 design, More →

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60 Years legendary semiconductor — Baoshi 4B2

The Baoshi brand4B2 type 3 machine, the 1964 Shanghai radio factory produced. This machine is the “radio” 60 years “back cover” one of the stars and legendary. Concentrated almost all of the bright spots pursued by the current collectors of the old machine: 4B2 curved chassis with Gantry, direct dia More →

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The Tecsun PL-100 audition experience,Radio Review

First impression: very small machines. Even the outer box size is very small, as big as the machine size and a business card, very thin, feel also smaller than a cell phone in his hand.

The second feeling: good technology. Before and after the shell plus the middle of the silver part of a total of More →

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Talk about my Tecsun F-110 pocket-sized FM stereo DSP Radio,Radio Review

Received on December 13, 2010 the Tecsun sent the PL-660 parcels. Open the parcels found along with PL-660 F-110. This makes me very pleasant surprise! From that day has been more than three months later. Here to talk about a three-month F-110 has been used.

This gray and black F-110 machine, body More →

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