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Tecsun PL600 using the experience ,Radio Reviews

Tecsun PL-600 PL550 applied to the exterior design, the new PL-600 is not a new exterior design is somewhat regrettable, but fortunately the old classic look is actually quite good-looking, so, it’s not a issue.

The appearance of fairly sophisticated, worthy of tecsun design strengths, have to pra More →

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I feel Tecsun PL-600 use Radio Reviews

1.  is the first to buy the machine, after a few days trial, sensitivity of normal and functioning properly, including packaging, accessories, instructions are very fine, and complete. 2 sleep early, middle of the night listening to AM crosstalk, articulate storytelling during the day and li More →

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My radio Tecsun PL-600 ,Radio Reviews

Tecsun PL-600 hand, the use of a few days of feeling is: Sound good, more convenient operation. Good because the speakers sound great, compared to PL-PL-350 natural sound better. Easy to operate because of relatively large keys, and 0 can save 100 stations. In 0, and now I keep seven units, respecti More →

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Tecsun PL600 Radio Reviews

Problems found in the course of the following:

1: Antenna flexible enough and easy to bend, breaking the direct needs

2: The dust was not good enough, the surface design of those trenches too deep, too narrow, no way, after the dust fall inside the clean

3: Speaking of dust, it should co More →

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Tecsun PL450 and PL600 Radio Radio Reviews

Received before the Spring Festival Tecsun the two radios, PL450 and PL600. Both the number of the machine are adjusted, AM / FM wide-band radio frequency twice, in appearance, apart from one small, but seem similar, the main function PL600 PL450 more than the single-sideband receiver (SSB). PL600 a More →

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Just bought a Tecsun PL450, talk about their own use ,Radio Reviews

Weekend Tecsun after-sales service to buy, looked at Tecsun PL-600, feeling body too, I might have been the reason to use Tecsun R9701, with a small machine with much to see slightly larger, is not used .

Tecsun PL-600 PL450 more than a unilateral SSB, I think what is not received in Xi’an c More →

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New Tecsun PL-600 first contact ,Radio Reviews

Recently bought a radio is Tecsun PL – 600, the date of manufacture is April 27

Originally did not want to buy this machine, but the other 2000, can not wait it is estimated that at least another few months or even 2000 to the end and next year is not impossible, it is best to have in my marri More →

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TECSUN PL-600 all-round display (Figure) Reviews

Think pretty calm atmosphere. Slightly larger size, suitable for a family bed to sleep with you.

Machine shell texture good. Keyboard slightly hard point, the right knob feel good.

Rod antenna, a total of 8, total length 87.5cm, slightly soft texture, full More →

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TECSUN PL-600 all-round display (Figure) Reviews

Design rules of the atmosphere, the degree of relaxation, is my favorite type; color black blue contrast is particularly obvious spirit.

Effect: MW available, after all, small machine, anyway, to a large machine can receive a clear signal that he can be close to. FM stereo separation chamber can More →

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