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Kestrel W618 radio use Notes Radio Reviews

Some time ago PL-660 surfaced, the Tecsun forum out a lot of cattle-assessment, one was impressed with the PL-660, take the 1103 compares the received signal strength, the FM of a Taiwan, 1103 signal strength is 6, the PL-660 is 6.1, medium wave, short wave is so, then 0.1 of the PL-660 is better th More →

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Pocket machine: kestrel W62, Sony M95, Sangean DT120c Reviews

Guang Tan 9 Anniversary Edition ordinary small machine kestrel W62 trial version has a 1-week, and had used the machine inadvertently been compared with the same volume. For everyone concerned about quality, I would like to use my experience for using the same headphones, listen to the same frequenc More →

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Kestrel W62DSP Radio Reviews

Let me Advantages: feels good, large screen, clear display, automatic search, time / time off.
Put Sennheiser PX100 headphones, turn, and immediately felt a little too bass (Bass has been closed), treble okay, relatively thin, relatively speaking voice, not very comfortable. Noise floor is still ther More →

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kestrel W618 to feel Reviews

Control articles:
Just to soon. Read the instructions, finally about to understand how to use. Do not read the instructions will not use! Shuttle can only slow progress, very slow. Used 1103, you will feel not to use (not as good as by the panel button functions the same as) the majority of key com More →

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kestrel W618 key features and shortcomings Reviews

1, transparent sound beautiful, rich layering, range more widely.
2, anti-interference performance well.
3, MP3 player reaction speed very fast.
4, the machine a little heavy, weighty in your hand, not floating, the thickness of plastic material used well. This has my personal subjective her More →

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Briefly kestrel w618 ​​use of experience Reviews

A few hours from now received, and home to several machine machine a bit more, talk about simple feelings:

Let me talk about the advantages:

1, receiving a very good performance overall, and roughly equal pl300

2, sound really good, especially listening to music and mp3, I BASS appropriated on posit More →

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kestrel 618 first experience Reviews

618 received the afternoon, evening and PL 310 and 380 to do the next comparison, generally have the following experience

- 618 sounds good, not the general good, is very good, xyz said the PL550 with 1107 speaker, so sound quality is good, but the price is 1107 618 horn twice, this may not really b More →

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TESTREL 618 Tam audio enhanced version

KESTREL 618 was born when radio enthusiasts that we are gathering in Guangzhou, the brother always seen this week at the engineering design of small machines, then play a little, Hailin Ronaldinho also recommended I have tried a play, I was honest, I do not like has been made ​​of the radio, nor do More →

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