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Grundig YB400PE Radio Reviews

Than texture and 7600GR 7600GR more like arts and crafts

The classic three portable YB400 and 7600GR, 909 used to have but do not like the process and sensitivity, has been out.

Turn the machine on, came the voice of a little people feel refreshing, especially in the ears long after 7600G More →

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Listen to the voice of Sony and Grundig ,Radio Reviews

Fifty years, the world all changed.

Fifty years ago, the weight of the computer or by ton, five years after a less than 2 kg of “notebook” a; Fifty years ago, China undone, five years after China’s economic strength of the jump highest in the world; Fifty years ago, who do not know what is in Shen More →

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Grundig S700 impression Radio Review

S-700 is perhaps the myth of the history of contemporary radio, and this production by the Portuguese Grundig products are considered the “most perfect” of radio products, its quality, “impeccable” performance “unique” as the “most great radio! “

S-700 in-kind photo

So to have S-700 people are More →

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Grundig Satellite 6000 Radio Reviews

Asked a friend about high prices from the previous January, a German professional hands of the seller to buy a satellite 6000 Kent, who was originally a professional maintenance staff, Kent, for collecting some of the old machine to take care of after the sale, the price than the average auction p More →

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Tecsun 9700DX and Grundig YB235 more

When he first entered the stage Tecsun 9700DX, simply listen to the listen to it and compare the best Grundig YB235, above all, the same price. Two pointers are the mechanical tuning method. Three are used four batteries. I listen in the office environment is not good, in comparison to where t More →

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Grundig S750 machine evaluation ,radio Reviews

And Grundig S750 contrast to Kent E1XM, comparison of time this afternoon. Preliminary comparison is as follows, no special comparison project.
Compared to Kent E1XM, Grundig S750 of the damping rod antenna tighter.
Grundig E1 sound better, because it has a larger speaker.
Shuttle swing it slight More →

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Grundig old radio evaluation radio Reviews

This is of AM/SW1 / SW2 + FM practical some it. 2 “10 W / 5 ohms output, with stereo codec, FM has five primary according to health.

Greatly small nearly 10 place, check the United States has a fault website have this type drawing cries. Out of the 14.99 beauty m + 20% commission whole docu More →

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Grundig YB400 Comment radio Reviews

Grundig YB400 received today, and heard about, talk about feelings.
   (1) sound good, whether speakers or headphones sound good, so started going to the RP2100, BCL3000 which can be laid off (some might suspect yb400 can fight over the little horn 4 inch 5 inch loudspeakers? I speak nice o More →

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Grundig G6 Radio Reviews ,radio Reviews

Here are some instructions

G6 manual

1, turn, press the “start”, press the SLEEP setting, 01-99 minutes shuttle options, choose “ON” cancel the SLEEP
2, Charge: off, press 7 keys, select the charge time for the shuttle, PAGE button to confirm (with the timing of 1103)
3, set (both in the off s More →

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The radio gourmet review GRUNDIG S700 of remember radio Reviews

In Portugal, the short history of production s700, started in 1992, 1996 years of production sales. It is said that because of this radio development moved in the SONY short-wave radio position, while S700 also used SONY chip, so stop supplies to make the end short and glorious history. During this More →

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