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Degen DE1103 ultimate motorized machine experiment,Radio Review

The idea of ​​writing this article, shortly after my first commentaries published the next few months, has been modified. This time a lot of radio scanning site users to buy the radio, and started a lively discussion at the forum. At the same time, I have received many DE1103 user’s letter as well a More →

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Kchibo D91L and Degen DE1105, Redsun RD1220 Degen the DE1103 PK,Radio Reviews

21:30 (listen to the effect of 1-5 from low to high.)

12:00 starting September 27

Antenna all the way out to 31cm.

1103 number: AI026426
1220 Machine number: 20220061000066
The D91L machine No.: E0100573
1105 number: BA015302

MW did not PK (because I do not like to listen to MW of)

My D91L More →

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Pocket Radio DSP chip installed Kchibo D91L initial feeling,Radio Reviews

Received pocket radio D91L a few days, the overall impression is compact, coordination, beautiful, easy to use. Use performance and good selectivity, FM sensitivity enough (feeling demodulation threshold), good selectivity not found in the FM segment mirror.Considered over and over again, although More →

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Grundig, YB400, Degen of the DE1103 and Redsun RD1220 the use of feelings,Radio Reviews

The Grundig YBGrundig YB400 bought a few years, with the Shenzhen Shao Fumio buy Degen the DE1103 also bought several years, the factory in April 2004, the old version of the machine, Redsun RD1220 is bought, the original is ready to buy online hot 2100, but read online posts, see 3100, mouth, first More →

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Compare Degen DE1103 and SONY ICF-SW40 ,Radio Reviews


Degen’s DEDE1103 hand nearly two months, always want to have more than 5 years with the use of the SONY ICF-ICF-SW40 over it. SONY ICF-SW40 is the company’s products a decade ago, with the market near DE1103 than just a little “Guangong zhan qin qong ”feeling, but both are analog pointer p More →

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My radio Terminator sony ICF-SW800 and the simple PK with Degen DE1103 Radio Reviews

Online buy a Japanese origin of the touch-screen machine Sony ICF-SW800, purity is worse, with less battery cover, power toggle twist (they have had a well-made, quite beautiful), is now planning to use metal DIY a battery cover, this difficult, gossip less, into the question of the

Own feel More →

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Tecsun PL-550, Degen DE1103, Sangean ATS-909X ,Radio Reviews


1103 beautiful beautiful appearance, especially in the black section that looks very good texture, surface shell of metal aluminum material.

Of course, size is small, this little machine for those who love the gospel, but do not meet my preferences. By comparison, 550 volu More →

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Degen DE1103 and Tecsun PL-600 about the sound quality differences and the reasons ,Radio Reviews

1103 and 600 base represents the highest performance portable machine, especially the machine-made, there is not really more than their products, I am sure I will not be too disgusted to say it? In fact the same.

They also 55M secondary frequency, the same 2SK2394 balanced mixer, the same TA2 More →

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Portable machine (Tecsun PL600. Degen DE1103. Grundig YB-400PE. Sangean ATS-909X) listening experience ,Radio Reviews

First year of production for the machine to make a note, because there are users that the machine down with a long performance! DE1103 and ATS909 first purchase, remember the end of 2004 or into early 2005, and we see the picture would say DE1103 is a new version ah! My daughter is one year old for More →

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Test Kchibo D39L, compared models R9710, DE1103 ,Radio Reviews

I got Kchibo D39L, after listening for some time, do a test.

Comparison models: Tecsun R9710 (medium wave), Degen DE1103 (FM, shortwave)

Location: 3rd floor study room (receiving environment is better, less interference)

FM contrast: so long antenna subjective feeling and almost DE110 More →

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