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Simply Kchibo D39L Radio Reviews

Thank Kchibo, thank cocoa, in the New Year before the receipt of this radio.

First to say a few:

1, shape
Overall size and D91L is the same, but the silver than gold was engaging, smaller screen, but did not reduce the amount of information. Some of the original Chinese identification identifie More →

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Kchibo D39L use experience, Radio Reviews

DSP shortwave radio, after all, China’s first, just received the machine.

HF shortwave

In the short-wave receiving the same type of comparison should be taken to minimize variables, because the human ear’s memory is relatively poor, in the same content to be used in instantaneous comparison, so More →

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Kchibo D39L Radio Reviews

Here we look at D39L.

DSP Radio D39L technical characteristics:
1. Digital filter design, with high selectivity and anti-imaging capabilities.
2. Dual 16Bit DAC with low distortion audio output.
3. Use a wide range of multi-stage AGC circuit, the better large-signal suppression.
4. 1dB resolution o More →

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Kchibo D39L ,Radio Reviews

Very recently, Kchibo D39L, other machines being placed. Kchibo D39L portable, called elf hands. Intelligent and very sensitive function applies a user-friendly, green Sebeijingdeng is amazing! Keys feel better than D91L.

Sleep can turn off and set the timer, and progress than the 91L, and nois More →

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Talk about Kchibo D39L Radio Reviews

First talk about the shortcomings
1, the ugly, although the whole band known as China’s first DSP machine, but still did not escape to spread the machine’s status. Kchibo the appearance of the designer, there are many way to go.
2, there is no loss of power protection, there are two panels, but for More →

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Kchibo D91L, D39L, D48L relatively simple Radio Reviews


First of all thank Kchibo, I an ordinary radio enthusiasts have the opportunity to experience different types of DSP radio, has received a golden D91L, D39L black and D48L, put them together to make a simple comparison, as a reference the Degen DE1121 radio.

1 overall comparison

1.1 A More →

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Kchibo D39L VS D92L Radio Reviews

Reception conditions: using their native antenna orientation adjusted to the optimum.
Antenna length: D39L-415mm
Indoor environment: the top of a fluorescent lamp. 1.5 meters away from the computer.
Score Description: 5 points – cle More →

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