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Anjan DTS-18 Lyrics,Radio Reviews

Audition experience:
Anjan engineering and technical personnel on the opinions of users attached great importance to a greater improvement on the DTS-13 MP3 player display

By a few days of the audition thoughts are as follows:

1, reception
I AM launch mass is not good rarely listen to the night More →

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Anjan of A-210 radio PK similar,Radio.Reviews

Sony Corporation of Japan since the eighties of the last century, CXA1019, 1191,1691. . . Is designed for general pocket radio or toy radio single-chip radio chip design, namely an integrated circuit from the antenna to the speaker AM / FM all the work.

Made computers over the years the basic type More →

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Anjan A-1220 double-conversion radio,Radio Review

Double-conversion technology has been the focus of attention of many manufacturers, so let’s talk about what is double-conversion, in order to improve radio receiver sensitivity, selectivity and anti-jamming capability The high-end receiver, using the double-conversion scheme: first the received sig More →

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The comprehensive evaluation of the the anjan A-210 radio,Radio.Reviews

Energy into the development and production of high-end machine in a number of radio manufacturers, Anjan company transfer look into the low-end machine Machine, has introduced a A-1208/A-911/A-209 a series of models. Occupy a wide range of market share in the market, the low-end machine is the battl More →

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Anjan A-210 to listen to the feelings,Radio.Reviews

Anjan the A-210 the appearance of new and unique, the graticules of the DE1103, DE1105 I feel much better, does not produce the warped the wrong panel. (My DE1103 tilt to ugly) front speaker hole shape is very very nice behind the sound hole, as well as multi-angle reflective.

The whip antenna on More →

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Anjan A-210 Radio Reviews

Beginning in the second half of last year, the security key to adjust its product strategy and development strategy, launched large-scale, intensive cost-effective in low-end radio products, and slow down the pace of high-end number of conditioners, many users get confused, and why safety and health More →

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Anjan A-210 use the experience,Radio.Reviews

Learned through an online A-210, I have been very optimistic about the security key A-210, in particular, is held in the Forum was informed that Anjan Anjan A-210 high sensitivity ‘loud’ beta PK Tournament “She is very curious and longing . Enrolled in the received A-210, I feel very good, did not m More →

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Anjan A-1220 evaluation,Radio Review

Anjan A1220 hand have a period of time, is busy recently, also had not been time to write detailed assessment of the machine, the simple use of talk about feel about me.
After a period of time to use, to the overall feeling of the A1220 are as follows:
1, the cabinet and delicate, more s More →

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Anjan A-912 Preliminary usage reports

Received more than 912 days, after several days of use on the basic understanding of machine performance, the following is to receive the comparison of
Contrast to the machine:
Degen DE1102 1105
Tecsun 912 911
Safety and health 911
Kchibo KK-959
Are the rod antenna in the indoor receiver sensitivity test More →

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Anjan DTS-09 Radio Reviews

Anjan Radio recently launched a high-end machine DTS-09, for the extensive collection of all suggestions for improvement of the machine, the company held a special viewing mode simulator will be, will be sent to users in the hands of the physical model, which is unique in the industry, can be descri More →

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