How to use the SD card to record with the Anjian dts-18 radio

Guthemberg Says:

Hello friend! Sorry for the delay in responding because I’m without a computer (virus entered) these days and I’m using the computer where I work. How was your holiday? Here was great. I tested all the equipment and the only one who could not understand the whole was Anjan DTS-18, I tried to record some songs on it but could not. It seems he is not writing anything. You have the DTS-18 manual in English or Portuguese so I can understand the functions of the radio properly, especially how to write? The question of where the recording format it does. See if you can send the translated manual in PDF format for this email, I’ll be waiting. Embrace. Guthemberg.

Erin Reply:

I am so sorry,There is not English manual of Anjian radio.I can not find one in China.But I can tell you something about how to record and save the recording.You can press the button REC begin to write,Then when you are finished recording,you can press the button MEMO until the symbol flashes to a solid circle.
Please according the operating like taht I tell you.If you has any problem,I will try my best to help you! Have a good holidays.

How to pay by system Money Gram

Dmitry  Ukraine Says:

Dear friends!I would like to buy from you Tecsun pl-398mp (black or grey color). I can pay money by system MoneyGram. How I should operate?

Best regards, Dmitry, Ukraine

Erin Reply:

Dear friend,
There three way to buy it:
1.If you have a paypal,I can send you an invoice to pay.OR you can buy in my website:http://www.aliexpress.com/fm-store/409059/211276038-507451374/Retail-Wholesal-Tecsun-PL398-FM-Stereo-SW-MW-LW-DSP-Radio-MP-3-Player.html.

2.If you want to pay money by system MoneyGram,You can operate like the picture I send to you !The tecsun PL398 radio is $55,the freight is $16 by China Post Air Mail ,OR $26 by DHL.

3.You can buy in my aliexpress store:http://www.aliexpress.com/fm-store/409059,it will a little expensive because we would pay some fee to the aliexpress.

When you pay it ,please send me your exact address .Thank you!

Best regards,
Erin Huang

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2 Responses to Faq

  1. Craig Cowley says:

    Hi, Do you ship to the UK?

    • hch says:

      Dear Friend,
      I’m pleased to get your message in Tecsun website.
      We ship the radio to UK.If you order radio on my website,please pay via paypal and send your address to my email.We will ship the radio and send you the tracking number.Thank you very much!

      Best regards,

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