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4 Responses to Affiliate

  1. John Huang says:

    Hi there,
    I’m interested in Tecsun shortwave portable radio family.
    Is there any importer and/or distributor in Indonesia?
    Or is there any possibility to be your retailer in Indonesia?
    Please let me know any further detail accordingly.
    Thanks and look forward to your reply.

  2. Erich Schindl says:

    I have seen in internet that you produce and distribute good radios; unfortunately rarely available in Austria.
    Therefore I designed myself a new wooden-case-radio for the worldmarket – especially for radio-enthusiasts and elderly people – with many new features, not yet common. I called it PRIM, because many measures are prime-numbers.
    Could you please tell me, to whom I should adress by e-mail the general description with photos of the prototypes, so that you can evaluate, if you want to produce and market it.
    With best wishes from Vienna / Austria / Europe
    Erich Schindl
    I did the same inquiry also to another Tecsun adress.

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