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The review to test the FM band and Shortwave band of tecsun pl398

FM-band receiver test

FM band FM: (ETM for the first time, automatically search for the fuselage antenna to true north direction, the FM frequency range :87 – 108MHz):

Search frequency: 88.1,88.5,88.7,90.2,90.6,91.0,91.2,91.7,92.5,92.7,93.2,93.8,94.7,95.5,96.3,96.6,96.8,97.0

97.8,98.0,99.1, More →

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The specification of the Redsun RP2000

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Tecsun S2000 in the foreign country is Satellit 750


AM, FM, Aircraft Band (117-137 MHz) and Shortwave (1711-30000 KHz) .

Single Side Band (SSB) .

Auto/Manual/Direct frequency key-in and station memory tuning .

Auto Tuning Storage function (ATS) for FM/AM/Shortwave .

1000 station memories (each band 100 memories, 500 cust More →

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At the Frist Glance of the DSP 2000

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Redsun RP007 Full-Band Digital Tuning military using radio


Frequency band : FM 1, FM 2, MW, SW.

High quality & excellent performance based on Russian Military Standard

Waterproof ,dustproof, Pressureproof, and Shockproof.

Adopt Dual conversion & Digital PLL technology

Friendly operation interface

The MW band tuning step More →

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The reveiw of the tecsun radio R304 and R333


R304 is a Germany born this year introduced a cheap laptop. Stylish and elegant style and round R333 completely different. Large dials are clear and beautiful. Large tuning Zealand, the big band in New Zealand and the volume

Dial, power switch, the “big four” are used to the feeling of More →

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The review of the PL200 and DE1101


The sensitivity of the two are almost equal.

When receiving a weak signal the DE1101 sensitivity is slightly better than PL200. PL200′s background noise, the DE1101 also the presence of noise, but it is estimated that the inhibition of more DE1101 high-tone filter, the noise is relative More →

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The DE1101 to Compare with other radios

FM receiver:

90, 6 MHz, Voice of the Straits broadcast radio literary channels. Of the noise ratio of the DE1101 in the 7600GR large, the 7600GR the receiving is more stable.

The signal receiving many signals, the automatic search of the DE1101 can not be found the presence of signal 76000GR More →

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The review of the Degen DE1101 radio

The electronic clock: the the DE1101 electronic clock for 24 hours system, and can be accurate to the second. Points 757A and 7600GR are not YB400 does have this feature. DE1101 is given as a full-band products, in turn products

Broadcast enthusiasts, however, be no world time (UTC) conversion More →

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Degen de1121 radio personal assessment record

Has many years without listening to the radio, even though I was a radio enthusiast, had previously bought several radio.

However, when I saw from the Internet Degen de1121 radio on when he can not help buy one.

According to online reports, this radio’s many features is a “pioneering”, and was c More →

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