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The Tecsun PL-100 audition experience,Radio Review

First impression: very small machines. Even the outer box size is very small, as big as the machine size and a business card, very thin, feel also smaller than a cell phone in his hand.

The second feeling: good technology. Before and after the shell plus the middle of the silver part of a total of More →

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The Tecsun the PL-660 DEGEN DE1106 audition compare,Radio Reviews

Degen DE1106 was launched in 2009, the original A dry burn-in basic not burn up, but also a man named the altar of the 10000 can not know this world (China Telecom 10000 Telephone complaints only know something all right to call in the past vegetable the dishes bunch rake the money guy) out walk in More →

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Hutchison Tecsun PL-660,Radio Reviews

The PL-660 is the latest model in the the Tecsun high-performance portable band number of conditioners series flagship model is now the Tecsun portable radio.

This post can not be used as the evaluation, only an experience, so I can begin the views express in the former, the PL660 is an extraord More →

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Classic upgrades, brilliant reproduction of the third installment of Tecsun PL-660 PK with Sony 7600GR,Radio Reviews

Get the Tecsun the PL-660 for several days, because the cold weather, only at home for the day-to-day to listen to, I feel pretty good, but serious urban electromagnetic interference, did not know the situation under extreme conditions, I would like to know Tecsun PL-660 is a look like a clean sky. More →

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Sangean 909X using the Preliminary Report,Radio Reviews

1, packaging
Very good. Under the effort.

2, the receiver
The premise: a 1​​-meter-long flower clip on the rod.

Kunming Area Radio, FM is received in full. Very good.

② MW
Cover: received AM540 and AM1575 signal, OK; selective: to separate a good 846 and 855,1242 and 1251, as well as a signal of More →

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Kestrel W618 radio use Notes Radio Reviews

Some time ago PL-660 surfaced, the Tecsun forum out a lot of cattle-assessment, one was impressed with the PL-660, take the 1103 compares the received signal strength, the FM of a Taiwan, 1103 signal strength is 6, the PL-660 is 6.1, medium wave, short wave is so, then 0.1 of the PL-660 is better th More →

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Sangean ATS-909X Radio Reviews

The attachment is not a lot, but are more practical, leather (turns from black to light gray), manual, warranty card, an external power supply (from the old version of the black into white) around the dish antenna (turns from black to lightgray), antenna adapter clip, headphones, special white headp More →

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Sangean ATS-909X improvement and problem,radio.Reviews

Design: the ATS-909X better than the ATS-909
Improvements: A and auto-tuning key, Jog, Jog speed adjustment key design in the lower right corner and convenient. B, SSB in prominent.
Two problems: no found.
, Remarks: beautiful or not, everyone make their own judgment.

Second, the process Material: AT More →

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Assessment Degen DE1125 \ DE1126,Radio.Reviews

1. Are all 13 key, operating system and interfaces are exactly the same.
2. The screen size: 25 (40 * 21), DE1126 (39.5 * 21), can be treated as exactly the same.
3. Your screen: no when backlit DE1126 more clear, but the perspective also bigger.
4. Thickness: 25-15 mm, DE1126-16.7 mm. (post wrong s More →

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Talk Degen DE1125 new 4G edition,Radio Reviews

Talk Degen DE1125 new 4G version and above

The Degen loyal users from the early days of the old version new version of DE1103 DE1103 Degen out the machine basically bought some machine or two or more. A few days ago the altar Posts Degen DE1125 purchase for the following reasons:

1, the original More →

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