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Degen DE1103 and Tecsun PL-600 about the sound quality differences and the reasons ,Radio Reviews

1103 and 600 base represents the highest performance portable machine, especially the machine-made, there is not really more than their products, I am sure I will not be too disgusted to say it? In fact the same.

They also 55M secondary frequency, the same 2SK2394 balanced mixer, the same TA2 More →

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Tecsun CR-1000 radio experience and a perfect use improvements ,Radio Reviews

Since using the CR-1000 since early March, it has become my favorite, a must listen to the daily bedside machine, it should be said, I buy it over the three Tecsun machine (otherwise B3000 and MS200), the most satisfactory of.

First, individuals feel that the main advantages of CR-1000 are as f More →

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Kchibo D39L PK Degen DE1103 & Tecsun PL350 ,Radio Reviews

Or a few days before the test, simply record a bit. I want to clarify is that my machine is three to buy this year.


























By c More →

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Kchibo D39L ,Radio Reviews

Very recently, Kchibo D39L, other machines being placed. Kchibo D39L portable, called elf hands. Intelligent and very sensitive function applies a user-friendly, green Sebeijingdeng is amazing! Keys feel better than D91L.

Sleep can turn off and set the timer, and progress than the 91L, and nois More →

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Value for money YAESU FRG-100 receiver Radio Reviews

FRG-100 Yaesu Corporation in Japan (YAESU) in August 1992 when the Post asked City 50 ~ 30000 KHz shortwave receiver, and its apparent size is 238mm (W) * 93mm (H) * 243mm (D), weight approximately 3 kg, using an external 12VDC power supply, random with a 12 VDC 1.5A of the Adaptor, cost about U More →

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Tecsun MS200 radio using the experience ,Radio Reviews

Tecsun MS200 portable radio is a large, or small desktop, in the short-wave two-band radio. Is Tecsun company for remote mountainous areas, offshore operations to design of a high-sensitivity radio. Frequency, the part is put transistors, a total of three; low-level part of the integrated circuit More →

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EX5-40,SW22,SW55,R71,OB3000,YB217,M95 AM ,Radio Reviews

Continue to explore the fun of Polish, three EX5 King, one of the common radio with large PK.

PK place in my home balcony, 10-11:30 am? Just do not pay attention at the time.

PK method is very simple, do not remember the frequency, does not confirm the contents of a fully analog, basically c More →

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Just bought a Tecsun PL450, talk about their own use ,Radio Reviews

Weekend Tecsun after-sales service to buy, looked at Tecsun PL-600, feeling body too, I might have been the reason to use Tecsun R9701, with a small machine with much to see slightly larger, is not used .

Tecsun PL-600 PL450 more than a unilateral SSB, I think what is not received in Xi’an c More →

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Anjan A1200 radio frequency twice the contrast with Tecsun R9710 Radio Reviews


■ Product Type: Dual Conversion Radio
■ Product Name: A-1200
■ Product Features: FM / MW / SW (1-8) ten-band stereo

■ Features: FM / MW / SW (1-8) ten-band stereo

Short-wave with the second frequency, short wave reception clearer, more stable
Can receive FM campus radio
Green light 8 se More →

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Tecsun 9700DX and Tecsun R9710 to compare the results Radio Reviews

Some time ago to his roommate’s 9710 and 9702 were compared, returned to the bedroom out of the 9700DX and 9710 were some simple comparison.

As the 9700DX is the main highlight of the shortwave bands, so I tried to get hands on in short, the prior statement, in contrast, I have a preconceived More →

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