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"Degen DE1123" DSP radio with experience radio Reviews

Degen radio the first time, for the first time using a DSP radio, the first contact radio with MP3 capabilities. First, the appearance: Picture Talk.

Complete picture



Second, the experience:

1, the radio part. The band sensitivity and common models of several classic pock More →

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Anjan DTS-09 engineering prototype evaluation radio Reviews

I was received October 13 Anjan DTS-09′s, just opened the package at the time looked at, because there was no battery, took a sheet wrapped figure made ​​out, since the security key received after the company DTS-09 begins a busy period, and we have no time to play with Anjan carefully DTS-09, just More →

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TECSUN PL600 with the Sony ICF-SW7600GR FM receiver comparison radio Reviews

Finally received the Sony ICF-SW7600GR Radio Four days later to find time this afternoon and I have bought 7 months Tecsun PL600 radio to do something I look forward to a PK.

I was nearly 20 minutes after the 14:20 arrival. The backpack to find a seat down. Machine to take out the two machin More →

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Radio King SONY CRF-230B (THE KING OF THE RADIO) radio Reviews

SONY CRF-230 produced in 1970,23 bands. SONY was advertising slogan is THE KING OF THE RADIO (meaning the king of radio) is the world’s first dual conversion shortwave radio with SSB, up to now in the simulator in the world’s second largest, weighing 15 kg, 30 kg . But this machine is very rare in d More →

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Tecsun PL-550 to listen to the report radio Reviews

Radio’s external antenna, a machine with Kairon on the external antenna modification, and himself a ball-point pen barrel, two, placing the rod antenna is used to set

SW, Japan’s NHK, the signal was two cells, barely audible


SW, economy sound, 7245 kHz, the signal is strong, is the More →

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Kchibo KK-D55 DSP full-band digital tuning stereo radio Kchibo radio Reviews

I. aesthetic
1 small digital machine, into eight different shapes of 23 keyboard, the right size, location, spacious. May inadvertently power and lock buttons are handled within the sink, all of the keys is flexible and reliable action.
2 small LCD screen, laser-printed on both sides in the English-sc More →

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Kchibo D680 Radio Reviews radio Reviews

Since the launch of DSP series of radio Kchibo has generally favored by the majority of fans, but also a lot of people made a lot of valuable advice. “Ordinary battery-powered” is one of the more constructive comments. To our surprise, the Kchibo seek advice from the advice to adopt, and then into t More →

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I feel Degen 1123 radio Reviews

Received six days of looking in the Degen 1123, After two days more use, so I am very disappointed.

    I consider the shortcomings and deficiencies:

    First, the appearance:

   1 is too thin, giving the impression that the atmosphere is not stable More →

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Tecsun S2000 PK Sony SW55 radio Reviews

October 31 a memorable day, my first new S2000 and SW55 also second hand, very happy. Now focus S2000 performance.

Corridor, the antenna does not decay, to search for 21 FM radio stations. This machine ATS search quickly, a bit like TECSUN  DSP1100.
Contrast FM acceptance, I think it is SW More →

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DEGEN 1103 with 2 years of the advantages of a large sum Radio Reviews

The total take for the people keep the shortcomings of $ 300 DE1103 said, and I buy 1103 since 2007, through the use of two years of practice, summed up some of the aircraft model with the same grade the strength of domestic and foreign. The machine is not recommended for the elderly for home, so th More →

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