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Undervalued travelers (TECSUN PL300WT) Shenzhou-earth middle-class choice for fine harmonious society

Apart from a few true fans will choose from more than $ 80 radio, I am afraid that in China, all the old things out of the big momentum, I am afraid that as the purchase SONY really willing to spend tens of thousands of high-definition TV knife knife as 300 people to purchase a radio people have ver More →

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Start 7600GR, send a use experience

I like to use Sennheiser headphones to listen to programs, accurately restore the audio output. After all, the direct use of speakers, the sound is very easy to overlook the details, so all of the following description of the test with headphones. By the way, and German students PL380 compare.
1 soun More →

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Seventh classic is finally purchased a small machine R9012

Small machine has more than three hours of hand (camera in the office, supplemented piece to you tomorrow), short-wave sensitivity is still quite high! This is what I have to buy the best value of any machine, test machine was one of the largest band.
I this R9012 (body No.: 08920110608102), starting More →

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A radio

Transistors used in the machine is still doing tuning tube 6E2 instructions, this machine two bands, a medium and a 6-18MC short, its base, power transformers, in the week, PCB, chassis and other hardware all have my design guidance and production. This machine is being installed in, and today the w More →

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Regenerative "crystal radio"

Normal (Tunnel) Diodes produce renewable mining machine is not possible, what if the modifications change the line, add some components will be possible, and when tired of the traditional mining machine, worth a try. The aircraft is the use of a series resonant mining machine, the local station have More →

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TEA5767 single-chip microcomputer control module radio

Have 2 pieces of TEA5767 radio module, recently at home and made a fine a single-chip microcomputer control radio. (note: the camera’s time no adjustment)

The following is the show, with a total of four Yang digital tube, principle of feet on the drawing tube is defined by test of that, if use dif More →

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K241 + LM386 Direct-radio


Circuit consists

of a FET 2SK241Y do direct amplification, the amplified signal from the two 1N60 detector, the detector


the audio volume control potentiometer added by low-frequency power

amplifier IC (LM386) in input amplification, to promote the speaker

playback. More →

K241 + LM386 Direct-radio

K241 + LM386 Direct-radio

K241 + LM386 Direct-radio

K241 + LM386 Direct-radio

K241 + LM386 Direct-radio

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I love radio

Feel the difference between the Sony machine


55 and 77

More →

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English radio B10 frequencies table

English Radio B10 frequency table (UTC)
Asia, according to the sorting station and time!

———VOA SE—————
0030    0100    U. S More →

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2009 China World Luzhong Bo latest frequency table

Frequency AM 2009 in China Table
FREQUENCY (KHZ) Power (KW) provincial urban counties and cities radio time
5311 Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Yunhe Voice 0530-0005
53110 Zhejiang Jinhua City, Zhejiang Voice 0530-0005
531 Zhejiang Quzhou City, Zhejiang civilized voice 0530-0005
531, Zheji More →

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